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The new Measurement Specialties DEF/ AdBlue® Quality & Level Sensor (QLS+) product portfolio is designed to integrate and operate within a broad range of DEF/ AdBlue® tank configurations. In particular, MEAS can customize the QLS+ assembly to match any tank design while providing robust DEF/ AdBlue® heating and accurately performing DEF/ AdBlue® liquid level, temperature and quality measurements.

The high performance DEF/ AdBlue® level measurement relies on TE Connectivity's solid state Magneto Resistive (MR) sensor chips which are qualified to automotive performance standards and used for critical component linear position measurements.
The Urea Quality Sensor (UQS), which is highly integrated within the DEF / AdBlue® QLS+ assembly, directly and simultaneously measures the chemical properties of liquids in the DEF / AdBlue® tank to determine the presence and concentration of urea in DEF / AdBlue® or contaminated fluids. Relying on our patented near infrared (NIR) optical sensor technology, the UQS measurement of urea concentration helps ensure that the urea concentration and its quality assist Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in effectively reducing NOx to regulated emission standards.

The two integrated temperature sensors (one in the UQS and one on the level board) provide a thermal mapping of the suction area. The QLS+ is a smart system and important tool for meeting regulated OBD compliance to confirm urea presence and concentration and security signal communication.

A universal digital CAN J1939 compliant protocol provides easy to connect interface to main control systems (i.e., ECM, SCR feed control, OBD bus). A simple 4 pins connector allows cost effective mounting options.  


  • High reliability and long term stability
  • Optimized for OEM specifications
  • Urea resistant DIN7070/ISO22241
  • In-tank mounting
  • Freeze resistant
  • Range of sizes to suit your application
  • High reliability Magneto Resistive technology
  • Urea feed and return in the header
  • Integrated filter


  • Diesel Engines
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Buses & Trucks
  • Commercial On and Off Highway Vehicles