HEV Overview Brochure

Vehicles represent one of the most challenging engineering environments in
the world. Exposed to regular temperature fluctuations, continuous vibration
and frequent neglect, they’re still expected to operate flawlessly for years. Electric
vehicles take the requirements to an even higher level: They need reduced mass
to improve the power-to-weight ratio. The high-voltage electricity must be shielded
to protect the function of in-vehicle electronics. And, of course, the safety of
consumers, technicians and emergency first responders cannot be compromised.
That’s why OEMs rely on the safety and reliability of our contactors, sensors,
harnesses, connectors and terminals.
• Contactors, Relays & Circuit Protection protect system integrity by extinguishing
arc energy when turned on or cut off from the full load of the electrical system.
• High Voltage Terminals & Connectors safely, securely and reliably transfer
data and power between the battery and other voltage devices.
• Cable Assemblies offer flexibility in design and routing to help reduce weight,
installation time and costs.
• Sensors accurately measure and communicate mission-critical powertrain,
hydraulic and thermal information throughout the vehicle, and to the driver.
• Application Tooling meets your ever-changing wire harness and printed-circuit
board needs in-house, from one-off to high-volume, automated systems.


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