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Measurement Specialties, Inc.’s load pins, model FN1010, are designed to fit in the place of the regular mounting unit. The implantation is facilitated by the possibility of modifying a certain number of dimensions. The FN1010 is suitable for numerous applications on lifting motors and handling equipment. The load pins can be used to measure forces on rotating components (pulleys, sheaves, etc.) and can be directly mounted on shackles.
The sensing element is fitted with thin film strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge circuit. All FN1010 Load Pins incorporate a keyed anti-rotation slot. Optionally, the load pins may be made watertight for certain applications while resting insensitive to hydrostatic pressure effects. Additionally, the FN1010 is available with an integrated high-level analogue output.


  • Full Scale Range : from 0-10 to 0-2000 kN (0-2 to 0-400 klbf)
  • Tension and Compression
  • Optional: Watertight
  • High Coefficient of Security
  • Optional: Watertight
  • Bidirectional Versions Available
  • Level Output Model with Integrated Amplifier


  • Crane Monitoring
  • Building Machine Monitoring
  • Load-Limited Device
  • Offshore