Shielded Piezo Sensors (SDT)

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The “S” in SDT stands for “Shielded Sensor.” SDT1 Piezo Film Sensors consist of a rectangular element of Piezo film together with a molded plastic housing and 18” of coaxial cable. The film element, screen printed with silver ink, is folded over on itself, given a self-shielding of the transducer area. This is important in applications in high EMI environments.

The SDT1 can be adhered to other surfaces using double sided adhesives, epoxy or cyanoacrylate (super glue). Care should be taken if the sensor is to be removed, as the double-side adhesive can peel the metallization from the film.

When adhered to a surface in this manner, the SDT1 is an excellent contact microphone or dynamic strain gauge. The output from the SDT1 can input directly to an oscilloscope (10 MΩ preferred) or a signal analyzer.


  • Shielded Piezo Film Sensor
  • High Longitudinal Strain Coefficient
  • Integral Coax Cable
  • Wide Frequency Response


  • Machine Monitoring
  • Acoustic Emission Detection
  • Contact Microphone
  • Vibration/Impact Sensing
  • Detecting Machine Tool Chatter
  • Acoustic Pickup
  • Vibration Analysis for Equipment and Product Design