Automotive MOSFETs

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The combination of low-ON-resistance and fast switching speed makes power MOSFETs an ideal solution for reducing system losses, thereby contributing to the energy-saving of automotive applications.

-Reduced RonA due to the small-geometry trench process

-The DPAK+ and TO-220SM(W) Series provide a current drive capability approx. twice that of their predecessors due to the use of a Cu connector structure.

-Expanding portfolio of MOSFETs qualified up to 175°C according to AEC-Q101

-For applications rated at 60 A or less, expanding portfolio of power MOSFETs in SOP packages (SOP Advance, TSON Advance, PS-8), which have been well proven for consumer applications.

-All devices are tested and guaranteed for avalanche breakdown protection.

-Zener diode between gate and source for ESD protection (except some devices)


  • HEV/EV System
  • -DC-DC Converter for HEV/EV
  • -Inverter/Motor Generator for HEV/EV
  • -Battery Management System
  • Body Control
  • -Air Conditioner (HVAC)
  • -Power Slide Door
  • -Electric Parking Brake
  • -Junction Box
  • Active Safety
  • -EPS
  • -Brake Control (ABS/ESC)
  • -Electric Control Suspension
  • Power Train
  • -Direct Injection Engine
  • -Transmission
  • -Idling Stop System
  • -Pump Control
  • -Cooling Fan
  • Viewing/Parking Assistance
  • -HIS Light System
  • -LED Head Lamp
  • Passive Safety
  • -Airbags
  • -Pre-crash Seatbelt