3 Watt Mil Current Sense Chip Resistor

TT Electronics
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IRC’s LRF3W-MIL series combines high power capabilities, small chip size, very low resistance and high-reliability to handle your current sensing needs. The LRF3W-MIL utilizes high reliability thick film materials and the uninterrupted 2 pad termination on the long sides maximizes the thermal transport path, improving reliability. Precise measurements can be achieved even at very low values using the specified Kelvin pad layout.

Providing design engineers with a high-power, low-resistance device for current sensing applications, TT electronics IRC has developed a highly-stable low-resistance chip resistor. The new LRF3W-MIL Series chip resistors utilize high-reliability thick-film materials and are available with screening to MIL-PRF-55342 or customer drawing. The chip resistor package includes an uninterrupted two-pad termination on the long sides of the resistor, maximizing thermal transfer and improving reliability. Resistance for the LRF3W-MIL Series chip resistors ranges from 0.003ohm to 1ohm, with a rated power of 3W at 70C. Absolute TCRs are to ±100ppm/C, ±250ppm/C, and ±500ppm/C, while available absolute tolerances are to ±1%, ±2%, ±5% and ±10%. Operating temperature ranges from -55C to +150C.


• Ideal for high current sensing applications
• Resistance range from 0.003 to 1.000Ω
• Standard Sn/Pb and Pb-free (matte Sn) terminations available
• Compact 1225 package


• Current Sense
• Defense
• Test & Instrumentation
• Aerospace