OPB810W Series, Wide Gap Slotted Optical Switch

TT Electronics
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The OPB800W series, remote mounted [24” (610 mm) 26 AWG wire] wide gap switch provides the flexibility of a custom device from a standard product line. Building from a standard housing that utilizes a 0.375” (9.5 mm) wide slot, a user can specify the electrical output parameters, discrete shell material and the aperture width. Housings are made from an opaque grade of injection-molded plastic that minimizes the assembly’s sensitivity to visible and near-infrared ambient radiation. Discrete shells, which are exposed on parallel faces inside the device throat, are made of IR transmissive plastic (for applications where aperture contamination may occur) or of opaque plastic with aperture openings (for maximum protection against ambient light). Custom electrical, wire and cabling and connectors are available. 0.375”/0.350” slot width; 0.05 IC(ON) (mA); 20 typ. And 50 max IF (mA); 30 VCE; 0.01” emitter and sensor aperature; 24”/26 AWG wire lead length.


  • 0.375” (9.525 mm) wide gap
  • Choice of aperture size
  • Choice of minimum photocurrent
  • Choice of opaque or IR transmissive shells
  • Available with 24” 26 AWG wires or PCBoard mounting


  • Non-contact interruptive object sensing
  • Assembly line automation
  • Machine automation
  • Equipment security
  • Machine safety