Automatic Calibration Circuitry (OCB100 series)

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The OCB100 series OPTEK Circuit Boards are configured to optimize the design effort needed to use a reflective or interruptive device. The OCB100 series are easy to use requiring only an optical device and power supply. Four lights are provided on the board that acknowledge when the device is calibrated (Green LED), that the device could not be calibrated (Red LED) and when the analog output has reached the logical trip higher than the calibration point (Blue LED) or lower than the calibration point (Green LED). The internal phototransistor load resistance can be set for three different values (~2.5K, ~9.6K or ~27K Ohms). A Reset/Clear pin is provided for remote signaling to calibrate of the system.

The OCB100AZ comes with a PCBoard, interface cable OCB100-MC24 and all electronics ready for an optical device with a 0.320” [8.13 mm] X 0.100” [2.54 mm] spacing between the leads. The OCB100CZ comes with a PCBoard, interface cable OCB100-MC24 and a Molex (70553-0038) connector to interface with a remote device.


  • Automatic Calibration Circuitry for Optoelectronic Devices
  • Calibration point 50% of Vcc
  • Logic Trip Points either 1/3 and 2/3 Vcc
  • Can be used with Reflective or Interruptive Devices
  • Vcc 4.5 V to 5.5 Volts
  • Logic and Analog Outputs