Diode Leadless Chip Carrier - DLCC

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The DLCC package design takes full advantage of the proven high reliability pedigree of the HTCC surface mount packaging technology, which is easily integrated for automated assembly. Semelab has taken the existing standards for ceramic surface mount package manufacture and added additional design features to enhance thermal performance, to present a competitive alternative for high reliability applications.

The physical dimensions for the DLCC ceramic packages are designed to fully utilize the recommended solder footprint for the popular MELF packages, and as such present a drop in replacement for existing board design.

Thermal vias improve the heat transfer to the solder pads reducing the diode junction temperature and increasing operating lifetime; options are also available to allow

The DLCC has been designed and tooled to be able to meet small, medium and high volume demand allowing customers to access the technology and grow the requirements with their product, utilizing scalable assembly techniques to offer high-rel diodes, at competitive pricing structures. This includes full pre cap access for inspection of semiconductor prior to hermetic encapsulation.

Semelab has 30 years of history in the manufacture of semiconductor devices for high reliability applications with tier one suppliers of Worldwide Space, Military and Aerospace equipment. Our diverse product range, focused customer response coupled with flexible batch size processing and screening in accordance with the most recognized reliability standards offers an attractive and cost effective solution for new and existing designs.


  • Fully hermetic, ceramic diode leadless chip carrier
  • Replacement for MELF-style standard product with enhanced features
  • Fits on existing PCB layouts
  • Castellated design to ensure solder meniscus between board and component is visible
  • Thermal vias incorporated in design to enhance thermal performance
  • Rectangular design to aid in PCB assembly
  • Designed to be a more cost effective solution
  • Manufactured in accordance with MIL-19500 and ESA specifications


  • Space
  • Aerospace
  • High temperature
  • Military