Cylindrical Metal Glaze® Mil-qualified Resistor

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The MCHP High Reliability Surface Mount Resistors are part of the RG product family of precision resistors developed by IRC in 1960 to meet the stringent demands of the military market. In leaded form, these resistors are qualified to level S under MIL-R-39017 and MIL-R-55182. The MCHP resistor utilizes the core element from this series, but with modified contacts and encapsulation.

The MCHP high Reliability Surface Mount Resistors are in compliance to DESC drawings 85083 (MCHP 1/8) and 87037 (MCHP 1) and are supplied in accordance to the requirements of MIL-R-55342. Under this specification, all resistors are subjected to "Thermal Shock". Samples are selected from each lot and tested to "TCR", "STOL", "Terminal adhesion", "Solderabiity", and "Visual" to ensure the lot is in conformance to specified requirements.


  • DESC Approved
  • Excellent surge capability
  • Reliable metal glaze technology
  • Superb solderability - reflow and wave
  • Operating temperature - 55 °C to +150 °C
  • Minimum board real estate requirements
  • Established SPC and continous improvement programs