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"The HA55 Series power inductors feature a robust design originally developed for use in diesel automobile engine controls,” said Donna Schaefer, application engineering manager for TT electronics’ BI Technologies. “The new design and extended specifications allow the inductor to be used as a DC-DC converter and in high-current applications, and we are now seeing many requests for this product for use in power distribution applications for engine management and controls.”



  • Low DCR characteristics for low power losses
  • Typical rated current inductance values range from 7µH to 20µH
  • Rated current ranges from 40A to 60A, with a saturation current from 43A to 50A
  • Typical DC resistance for the inductor ranges from 1.7mΩ to 3.35mΩ
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +180°C
  • Custom devices are also available


  • Power Distribution
  • Industrial
  • High Current