Ratiometric Linear Hall-effect Sensor

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Each ratiometric linear Hall-effect sensor contains a monolithic integrated circuit on a single chip. This circuit incorporates a quadratic Hall sensing element, which minimizes the effects of mechanical and thermal stress on the Hall element and temperature compensating circuitry to compensate for the inherent Hall element sensitivity change over temperature current.

These ratiometric linear Hall-effect sensors provide an output voltage that varies in proportion to the applied magnetic field. The voltage output will increase in response to a south pole (positive) magnetic field applied perpendicular to the package symbolization face, and will decrease in response to a north pole (negative) magnetic field.

These 3150U ratiometric linear Hall-effect sensors can be used as a non-contact sensor for rotary and linear position sensing and for current sensing.



  • Ratiometric linear output capable of sinking and sourcing current
  • 4.5 V to 6.0 V operation
  • Responds equally to positive and negative magnetic fields
  • Excellent temperature stability to operate in harsh environments
  • Robust package capable of withstanding harsh environments


  • Non-contact magnetic sensing
  • Assembly line automation
  • Machine automation
  • Machine safety
  • Door sensor
  • Where sensing is required in dirty environments