WIN Thin Film Precision Resistors

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WIN series thin film chip resistors use an advanced metal film technology to provide high levels of reliability and stability for precision applications.

The water insoluble nitride film avoids the moisture vulnerability problems of nichrome and passivated nichrome technologies. WIN series delivers very low and predictable life drift and high reliability even under conditions of high humidity and in the event of damage to the component coating layer.

Available in 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes at 0.1W, 0.25W and 0.33W respectively, the series offers resistance values from 10R to 1M0 with a tolerance of ±0.1% and TCR of ±25ppm/°C.  


  • Reliable water insoluble nitride film
  • Low typical 2000 hour life drift of ±0.08%
  • Low typical moisture resistance drift of ±100ppm (±0.01%)
  • Good pulse performance up to 3kV peak on 1.2/50μs
  • Inherent moisture resistance removes reliance on expensive assembly-level sealing or encapsulation processes
  • Low, predictable life drift frees up error budget to enable precision requirements to be relaxed elsewhere in the design
  • Biased moisture stability (+85°C / 85%RH with dc bias) at 2000 hours is better than 0.1% giving high reliability and so reducing field failure costs
  • Inherently sulfur resistant (Ag-free), as demonstrated in ASTM B809 pass result, which gives high reliability and so reduces field failure costs


  • Server power supplies
  • Process control
  • Safety critical systems
  • Exposed telecom systems
  • Portable medical products