High Voltage Chip Resistors (HVC Series)

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The HVC series has been extended to greater levels of precision and a wider ohmic value range. In addition, AECQ200 is now available on the 2512 size, and anti-sulphur terminations are also available.

It is targeted at designers of high voltage circuits up to 3kV in a wide range of applications. The latest enhancements will enable expansion in medical, instrumentation and automotive sectors. That these are key growth areas for HVC is shown by the HVC 4-Feature Selling Tool which summarizes recent design wins for this product.


  • Continuous voltages up to 3kV
  • Overload voltages up to 4kV
  • Values up to 100M
  • Tolerances to +0.5%
  • TCR to +50ppm/ C
  • Robust thick film construction
  • anti-sulphur version available


  • HV power supplies
  • Defibrillators
  • Circuit breakers
  • HEV drive invertors
  • Test & measure