High Reliability Hallogic Hall-effect Sensors

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These Hall-effect devices contain a monolithic integrated circuit which incorporates a Hall element, a linear amplifier, a threshold amplifier, and Schmitt trigger on a single Hallogic® silicon chip. Included on-chip is a bandgap voltage regulator that allows operation with a wide range of supply voltages. These devices feature logic level output and provide up to 21 mA of sink current. This allows direct driving of more than 7 TTL loads or any standard logic family using power supplies ranging from 4.5 to 24 volts. Output amplitude is constant at switching frequencies from DC to over 200 kHz.

The Uni-Polar turns on with a (logic level “0”) after a sufficient magnetic field from the south pole of a magnet approaches the symbolized face of the device (operating point) and turns off (logic level “1”) after the magnetic field reaches a minimum value. The Bi-Polar device turns on (logic level “0”) in the presence of a magnetic south pole and turns off (logic level “1”) when subjected to a magnetic north pole. Both magnetic poles are necessary for operation of Bi-Polar devices. This feature makes these sensors ideal for applications in non-contact switching operations, brushless DC motors and for use with multiple pole magnets.

B and S devices are processed to OPTEK’s military screening program patterned after MIL-STD-883. This product has passed Radiation Hardness testing up to 350 Krad (si) per MIL-STD-883 method 1019.6 and up to 150 Krad (si) for ELDRS.


  • Designed for non-contact switching operations
  • Operates over a broad range of supply voltages
  • Excellent temperature stability operates in harsh environments
  • Suitable for military and space applications
  • Processing patterned after class B or S of MIL-STD-883
  • Through Hole 0.40” [10.16 mm] lead length minimum
  • Surface Mount 0.125” [3.18 mm] lead length
  • ESD Rating of Class 3B per MIL-STD-883G, M3015.7, HB model


  • Non-contact switching operations
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Multiple pole magnets
  • Non-contact reflective object sensor
  • Assembly line automation
  • Machine automation
  • Machine safety
  • End of travel sensor
  • Door sensor