Through Hole Foil Resistors Family Overview

Vishay Precision Group

TTI features the following Surface Mount Resistors from VPG.


VPR.png Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Precision Foil Power Resistor - VPR Series
Precision Foil Power Resistors in TO-220 Configuration, 4 Lead Kelvin Connected Device - Highly Recommended for Precision Applications ≤ 100Ω.
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vta.png Bulk Metal® Foil Technology Tubular Axial Leaded Resistor - VTA Series
Vishay VTA series of axial leaded resistors are made using the same foil technology as the S102C. The difference is axial versus radial leads. Axial leads have the advantage of readily available auto insertion equipment while the radial leaded devices may require additional tooling. The VTA series has a resistance range from 5Ω to 500KΩ, and a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance of ± 8ppm/°C (– 55°C to + 125°C) and ± 4ppm/°C (0 to + 60°C).
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S102.png High Precision Foil Resistor - S102C/S102K Series
Vishay BMF Model S Series offers low TCR, excellent load life stability, tight tolerance, fast response time, low current noise, low thermal EMF and low voltage coefficient, all in one resistor. The S Series is virtually insensitive to destabilizing factors. The resistor element is a solid alloy that displays the desirable bulk properties of its parent material, thus it is inherently stable and noise free.
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z201.png Ultra High Precision Z-Foil Resistor - Z201 Series
Vishay Z201 Z-foil resistor series is the third in a series of ultra-precision resistors since the first Bulk Metal foil resistor was introduced by Vishay in 1962. Its nominal TCR was reduced to -0.2 ppm/°C from -55°C to +25°C and +0.2 ppm/°C from +25°C to +125°C. This is a five-fold TCR improvement over the best previously available foil resistor and a ten-fold improvement over standard foil resistors.
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