Vishay Silicon RF Capacitors

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Vishay announced the release of the industry's first silicon-based RF capacitors, a technology breakthrough that boosts electrical performance while greatly reducing the board space required for circuitry in end products including mobile phones, cordless phones, and global positioning systems.

Built on a proprietary Vishay process, the new silicon-based capacitors provide the same broad range of capacitance values as conventional capacitors while delivering superior stability over a wide frequency range, high Q factors, low ESR values, and highly accurate dimensions. Typical applications for the new devices will include wireless communications, GPS, VCO, filter and matching networking, power amplifiers, and Smart cards (HPC0402B and HPC0402C).

The construction decreases the distance between components, reducing parasitic lines and improving circuit performance. Vishay's unique design also brings the capacitor's self-resonant frequency (SRF) to ultra-high frequencies. The device's bump structure eliminates the tombstone effect, providing a flat top area for better pick-and-place assembly and allowing board-size reductions of up to 45%.


• New technology surface mount capacitor based on a special semi-conductor process
• Capacitance is extremely stable in a wide range of frequencies from 1MHz to several GHz
• Low parasitic inductance
• Ultra High SRF (self-resonance frequency)
• Tight Tolerances ±1% or 0.o5pF
• High Q and Low ESR
• Very Low Profile (HPC0402B/C)


• Smart cards (HPC0402B/C)
• Wireless Communications, Coupling, Decoupling, Resonant, Snubber
• Mobile & Cordless Phones
• Filter & Matching Networks