Vishay 572D Low Profile Solid Tantalum Capacitors

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The 572D chip capacitors are new low-profile, high capacitance solid tantalum chip capacitors — packaged in a compact P case size — designed to provide superior reliability while making room for greater functionality in compact electronics. Part of the TANTAMOUNT® product line from Vishay Sprague, the new capacitors in the 572D series are designed for input/output buffering, DC-to-DC conversion, and noise suppression applications in PDAs, cell phones, LCD display drives and other handheld and portable appliances. The new capacitors feature a low-profile P case size with single-sided lead (Pb)-free terminations that enable direct placement under grounding shield applications. The unique uniform geometry of each 572D device aids in accurate placement and more reliable performance.

The capacitors also have high capacitance values in compact package sizes which increase design flexibility. Low-profile case sizes are offered: P, Q, S, A, B and T. These case sizes allow designers to conserve board real estate and add features to lighter, smaller and more portable end systems. The smallest (P case) measure only 0.087 in by 0.047 in (2.2 mm by 1.25 mm) with a 0.039 in (1.0 mm) maximum height profile. The largest (T case) measures 0.138 in by 0.106 in (3.5 mm by 2.7 mm) with a 0.039 in (1.0 mm) maximum height profile.


• Packaged in a selection six low-profile EIA standard cases sizes, saving space and making room for greater functionality in compact electronics
• Unique uniform geometry that helps to maintain stable placement and reliable performance
• Offer high capacitance values and a broad capacitance range
• Available in a P case size that offers single-sided lead (Pb)-free terminations, enabling direct placement under grounding shield applications
• Packaged in a conformal-coated construction that enables the manufacture of thinner, more space-efficient end products
• Wraparound, Pb (lead)-free terminations


• Input/Output Buffering
• DC-to-DC Conversion
• Noise Suppression (in PDAs)
• Cell Phones
• LCD Display Drives
• Handheld Appliances
• Portable Appliances