Vishay Dale WSL0603 Power Metal Strip® Resistor

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Available in compact 0603 package size, the new WSL0603 resistor serves in all types of current-sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications. With its very small footprint, low resistance values, and low RTC compared with thick film technology, the new resistor facilitates better current-sensing accuracy, which in turn allows designers to use lower-cost ICs. The surface mount WSL0603 resistor may be used in lieu of larger components or multiple high-value resistors running in parallel to provide space savings on the printed circuit board, thereby enabling design of smaller and lighter end products.

In addition to a power rating of 0.1W, the Vishay Dale WSL0603 offers low inductance values from 0.5nH to 5nH, excellent frequency response, and low thermal EMF. Rated for an operating temperature range of –65°C to +170°C, the WSL0603 is capable of higher temperature performance than devices built using other resistor technologies. The new device, which features an all-welded construction with solderable terminations, is easily placed with automated assembly equipment. It is available with a solid metal nickel-chrome alloy resistive element.


  • Very low resistance values of 15mΩ to 100mΩ
  • Small 0603 package
  • Low RTC resistance element (< 20ppm/°C) results in accurate current sensing, allowing the use of lower cost ICs
  • Provides high-temperature performance that can surpass that of thick film resistors
  • Saves space by enabling use of a single low-value resistor instead of multiple high-value resistors in parallel


  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Consumer
  • Industrial