PolarPAK® Power MOSFETs

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  • Leadframe and plastic encapsulation construction
    • Provides better die protection and reliability
    • Easier manufacturing handling
    • Fixed footprint and pad layout independent of die size, ≤ 100 V
  • Licensed by multiple sources
  • Top (1 ºC/W) and bottom (1 ºC/W) cooling provides dual heat dissipation paths for forced air applications
  • Easy to parallel devices, lowering inductance from board layouts
  • Low parasitic inductance improves efficiency, especially at higher frequencies
  • Double current density (> 60 A) reduces space and cost
  • Same footprint area as SO-8
  • 0.8 mm profile, less than half of SO-8


  • VRM modules for servers and workstations
  • Fixed telecom and data communication systems