Bidirectional Symmetrical (BiSy) Single Line ESD-Protection Diode

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The VCUT05D1-SD0 is a Bidirectional and Symmetrical (BiSy) ESD-protection device which clamps positive and negative overvoltage transients to ground. Connected between the signal or data line and the ground the VCUT05D1-SD0 offers a high isolation (low leakage current, low capacitance) within the specified working range. Due to the short leads and small package size of the tiny CLP0603 package the line inductance is very low, so that fast transients like and ESD-strike can be clamped with minimal over- or undershoots.


  • Ultra compact CLP0603 package
  • Low package height < 0.3 mm
  • 1-line ESD-protection
  • Working range ± 5.5 V
  • Low leakage current < 0.1 μA
  • Low load capacitance CD = 10 pF
  • ESD-protection acc. IEC 61000-4-2
  • ± 30 kV contact discharge
  • ± 30 kV air discharge
  • Lead plating: Au (e4)
  • Lead material: TiNiAg
  • e4 - precious metal (e.g. Ag, Au, NiPd, NiPdAu) (no Sn)