40 V to 150 V Power MOSFETs


High-Performance 40 V to 150 V Power MOSFETs


  • New next-generation technology provides very low on-resistance and ultra-low figure of merit (FOM) for 40 V to 150 V power MOSFETs
  • On-resistance ratings down to VGS = 4.5 V, include industry’s lowest on-resistance and FOM for 4.5 V rated devices
    • Can lower losses by enabling lower gate drive
    • Allows use of lower-voltage, lower-cost 5 V PWM ICs
    • Low FOM helps reduce switching losses
  • Thermally advanced PowerPAK® packaging:
    • PowerPAK SO-8 for higher current
    • PowerPAK 1212-8, 1/3 the size of an SO-8 footprint, for space savings
    • PowerPAK SC-70, 4 mm2 is 14% the size of an SO-8 footprint for extreme space savings


  • DC/DC converter for:
    • Industrial
    • Telecom
    • Offline UPS
  • Synchronous rectification and ORing