TrenchFET® Gen III Power MOSFETs

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Vishay’s TrenchFET Gen III technology offers not only a reduction in RDS(on) to reduce conduction losses attributed to the low side MOSFET in a synchronous buck converter, but also QG(TOT) to reduce switching losses attributed to the high side MOSFET. Compared to its previous generation technology, RDS(on) @ 10V improved by 20% and RDS(on) @ 4.5V by 30%. Total gate charge improved by 10%. The combined reduction resulted in a Figure of Merit (FOM) improvement at 4.5V of 38% leading to the enhanced performance of the device in switching circuits.

Applications include high current voltage regulators in point-of-load modules, VRMs, servers, and notebook computers. Vishay plans to aggressively release a ranges of RDS(on) specs in a variety of packages to suit the needs of power engineers who face the challenge of increasing power densities and lowering power losses. As the demand to save energy by boosting efficiency in computing and fixed telecom systems increases, TrenchFET Gen III technology provides power engineers the option to use the best MOSFETs possible.


  • RDS (on) reduction (4.5V by 30%)
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low conduction and switching losses
  • Power and space efficient


  • High Current Voltage Regulators
  • VRMs
  • Servers
  • Notebook Computers