TrenchFET® Gen III - P-Channel Power MOSFETs

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The TrenchFET® Gen III p-channel family achieves the lowest on-resistance ever for p-channel MOSFETs. Packaging ranging from the PowerPAK® SO-8 down to the ultra-small PowerPAK® SC-75 enables use in applications ranging from hot swapping and load switches in industrial/general systems, adaptor switches and load-switching applications in notebook computers, to load switches in charging circuits and handheld devices. Its low on-resistances translate into lower conduction losses, saving power and prolonging battery life between charges. This capability is important to minimize voltage drops in hot swapping and saving power in adaptor switches (switching between the adaptor/wall power or the battery power), which are always on and drawing current. Vishay Siliconix was the industry's first supplier to introduce Trench power MOSFETs. The company's TrenchFET® intellectual property includes numerous patents, including fundamental technology patents dating from the early 1980s. Each new generation of TrenchFET® technology yields products that raise the bar for power MOSFET performance in a wide range of computing, communications, consumer electronics, and many other applications.


  • Lowest on-resistance per area achieved for a p-channel MOSFET: down to half of previous industry best
  • Down to below 2 mΩ in SO-8 footprint area
  • Variety of package sizes, from PowerPAK® SO-8 down to 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm PowerPAK SC-75 and 1.5 mm x 1 mm chipscale MICRO FOOT®
  • Low conduction losses save power in battery operated systems


  • Load switching and hot swapping in industrial systems
  • Adaptor, battery, and load switches in notebooks, laptops, and netbooks
  • Load switches in charger circuits for portable and handheld devices such as:
    • Smart phones
    • Tablets
    • Mobile computing
    • MP3 players
    • DSCs