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The PowerPAK® ChipFET® package offers advanced thermal performance in a compact 3‑mm by 1.8‑mm footprint. As a space-saving alternative to MOSFETs in the much larger SO-8 package, the new PowerPAK® ChipFET® devices deliver higher power density by offering the same 3-W maximum power dissipation with an 81% smaller footprint area, and a 48% thinner height profile (0.8 mm). This allows n-channel PowerPAK® ChipFETs® to replace SO-8 MOSFETs in certain point-of-load, fixed telecom synchronous rectification, and low-power computer DC to DC conversion applications. Additionally, the p-channel plus Schottky diode version will be used in asynchronous DC to DC applications, such as those found in hard disk drives and game consoles, to replace devices in the SO-8 package. Compared to devices in the TSOP-6, PowerPAK® ChipFET® devices feature 75% lower thermal resistance values, a 33% smaller footprint area, a 25% thinner height profile (0.8 mm) and a 9% reduction in on-resistance, enabling longer times between battery charges in portable devices, replacing load, PA, charger, and battery MOSFET switches in the TSOP-6. With their low conduction losses and enhanced thermal efficiency, power MOSFETs in Vishay's PowerPAK® ChipFET® family are pin-compatible with products in the standard ChipFET® package.  


  • Advanced thermal performance in a compact 3 mm by 1.8 mm footprint
  • 3 W maximum power dissipation for high thermal efficiency
  • Available in single, dual, co-packaged n- and p-channel, and MOSFET plus Schottky versions
  • Breakdown voltage ratings from 20 V to 30 V for p-channel and 20 V to 60 V for n-channel


  • N-Channel
    • Point-of-load, synchronous rectification and logic-level DC/DC applications for low-power computer and fixed telecom systems
    • Load switches in portable electronic systems and notebook PCs
  • P-Channel
    • Load, charger, and battery switching in portable systems
  • P-Channel plus Schottky
    • Charger switch
    • Asynchronous DC/DC in applications such as hard disk drives and game consoles