Reflective Sensors

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Reflective sensors incorporate an infrared emitter and photo detector adjacent to each other. When an object is in the sensing area, the emitted light is reflected back towards the photo detector, and the amount of light energy reaching the detector increases. This change in light energy or photo current is used as an input signal in the application. v


  • Operating range up to 15 mm
  • Peak operating distance up to 2.5 mm
  • Output current of 1 mA, typical
  • Package designs eliminate cross talk
  • Manual assembly - leaded devices can be hand soldered
  • More robust solder area in case of double sided soldering
  • Holders allow positioning of the sensor, not confined to the PCB


  • Detect the status of a door or panel, inserted coin, credit/ATM card, or paper edge
    • Printers, copier, scanners, computer servers, networking equipment, vending machines, ATM machines
  • Interface to encoding wheels and strips
    • Meters, pumps, angular position sensors, linear position sensors
  • Industrial - optical switch, liquid level sensing