Solid Tantalum SMT Capacitors TANTAMOUNT for Medical Instruments

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For high performance and reliability in non-life-support medical monitoring and diagnostic instruments, Vishay's new TM3 series of TANTAMOUNT® surface-mount solid tantalum molded chip capacitors features a robust anode design, 100 % surge current testing (B, C, D, and E case sizes), and is available with Weibull grading and Hi-Rel screening options.


  • For non-life support medical applications
  • High reliability
  • Weibull grading options
  • 100 % surge current tested (B, C, D, E cases)
  • Terminations: 100 % matte tin and tin/lead
  • Standard EIA 535BAAC case sizes (A through E)
  • Manufacturing location is certified to medical standard ISO 13485
  • Compliant terminations
  • Mounting: Surface mount
  • Dry pack as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standard


  • Medical Instruments