WSLP2010 High Power, Power Metal Strip®

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The new surface-mount Power Metal Strip® resistor in the 2010 case size combines a high 2 W power rating with extremely low resistance values down to 0.001 ohms and stable resistance tolerances to 0.5 %. The advanced construction of the WSLP2010 resistor incorporates a solid metal nickel-chrome or manganese-copper alloy resistive element with low TCR (less than 20 PPM/°C). This results in a high-power resistor with an operating temperature range of - 65 °C to + 170 °C while maintaining the superior electrical characteristics of the Power Metal Strip construction.

The new device allows for the design of high-power circuits featuring the smallest possible resistor for higher-performance end products. Furthermore, the resistor's high-temperature capability allows the use of the WSLP2010 in harsh high-temperature environments without sacrificing power rating or electrical performance. The WSLP2010 will meet the requirements of AEC-Q200.


  • All-welded construction contributes to its superior electrical performance
  • Extremely low resistance values ranging from 0.001 to 0.01 ohms
  • Tight tolerances of 0.5 % and 1.0 %
  • Very low inductance of 0.5 nH to 5 NH
  • Low thermal EMF (less than 3 microvolts/°C)
  • Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS-compliant


  • Switching and linear power supplies
  • Instruments and power amplifiers in automotive electronic controls
  • Industrial controls
    • Down-hole test/measurement equipment for oil/gas well drilling
    • Inverter controls for HVAC systems
  • DC/DC converters for servers
  • VRMs for laptops
  • Li-Ion battery safety and management