Low Current SMD LED PLCC-2

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These new devices have been designed to meet the increasing demand for low current SMD LEDs. The package of the VLMT3100 is the PLCC-2 (equivalent to a size B tantalum capacitor). It consists of a lead frame which is embedded in a white thermoplast. The reflector inside this package is filled up with clear epoxy.


  • SMD LED with exceptional brightness
  • Compatible with automatic placement equipment
  • EIA and ICE standard package
  • Compatible with infrared, vapor phase and wave solder processes according to CECC
  • Available in 8 mm tape
  • Low profile package
  • Non-diffused lens: Excellent for coupling to light pipes and backlighting
  • Very low power consumption
  • Luminous intensity ratio in one packaging unit IVmax./IVmin. 1.6
  • AEC-Q101 qualified


  • Automotive: Backlighting in dashboards and switches
  • Telecommunication: Indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax
  • Indicator and backlight for audio and video equipment
  • Indicator and backlight for battery driven equipment
  • Small indicator for outdoor applications
  • Indicator and backlight in office equipment
  • Flat backlight for LCDs, switches, and symbols
  • General use