Low Gradient Lug Sensor (NTCALUG02)

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The NTCALUG02 Series of Low Thermal Gradient Lug Temperature Sensors is suitable for surface temperature sensing applications, especially when a good electrical insulation and thermal contact with the surface is required. These sensors provide highly accurate and dependable surface temperature measurement across a wide temperature range. The Low Thermal Gradient Lug Sensors incorporate a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor with AWG30 PEEK insulated mono-stranded silver plated nickel wires mounted inside the barrel of an M3.5 (#5-#6) low profile closed lug terminal. The low profile lug terminal provides for easy mounting. The combination of the low profile lug terminal and nickel conductor provide a reduced thermal gradient. The NTCALUG02 Series is both AEC-Q200 qualified and select versions are UL recognized. In addition to the off-the-shelf version, the NTCALUG02 Series provides the designer with flexibility through electrical and mechanical customization options.  


  • Low thermal gradient (<0.05K/K) due to the use of nickel conductor and low profile closed ring tongue
  • Wide temperature range from -55°C to +125°C
  • Resistance values at 25°C range from 4.7KΩ to 100KΩ with tolerances as low as ±1%
  • Minimum Electrical Insulation voltage rating of 1500Vac (1 second)
  • AEC-Q200 Qualification
  • UL recognized versions available, File E148885
  • Customization available upon request  


  • Battery Pack Thermal Management
  • Heatsink Thermal Management
  • Power Supply and Conversion
  • Automotive Systems
  • Industrial Systems
  • Test and Measurement Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Domestic Appliances