1 Form A Solid-State Relay

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The LH1546AEF (4 pin SOP) is robust, ideal for telecom and ground fault applications. It is an SPST normally open switch (1 form A) that replaces electromechanical relays in many applications. It is constructed using a GaAs LED for actuation control and MOSFETs for the switch output. In addition, it employs current-limiting circuitry which meets lightning surge testing as per ANSI/TIA-968-B and other regulatory voltage surge requirements when overvoltage protection is provided.


  • Current limit protection
  • Isolation test voltage 3750 VRMS
  • Typical RON 28 Ω
  • Load voltage 350 V
  • Load current 120 mA
  • High surge capability
  • Clean bounce free switching
  • Low power consumption
  • SMD lead available on tape and reel
  • Equivalent to CPC1035N


  • General telecom switching
    • On/off hook control
    • Ring relay
    • Dial pulse
    • Ground start
    • Ground fault protection
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial controls