The TTI / Vishay Advantage


TTI, Inc. is the world's leading passive and connector specialist in the electronics industry. Vishay is a leading manufacturer in passive and discrete electronic components. For more than 30 years TTI has distributed Vishay passive components and just recently TTI expanded its line card to include Vishay discrete components. Together, TTI and Vishay make a winning team in the IP&E industry. Through TTI, customers gain access to the brands that are encompassed in the Vishay product line. As Vishay’s largest distributor specialist TTI is able to provide the newest and latest products and services as well as hard-to-find parts. With TTI and Vishay, you get quality products and unparalleled services and benefits, creating the extraordinary TTI/Vishay Advantage. Should you need additional assistance, our customer service team is ready to help at 1-877-645-4TTI.

Exceptional Service

TTI is committed to providing exceptional service as well as the right product to the right customer at the right time. TTI’s specific segment focus lends itself to extensive product training, enabling TTI personnel to develop thorough product knowledge. Consequently, the entire TTI sales team is well-trained, focused and armed with expert product knowledge. Simplifying the passive and connector purchasing process allows customers to focus their efforts on the larger dollar expenditures.


Parts As a distributor specialist TTI maintains a broader and deeper inventory by offering common and rare parts that are generally more difficult to find. TTI's long and established relationship with Vishay and its unique business model affords TTI the opportunity not only to access rare parts but usually have them in stock and ready to ship sooner than most other distributors. This reduces the customer's down time while waiting on the parts to arrive, thus saving valuable time and money.