134D Wet Tantalum Capacitor

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Vishay's new 134D represents a major break through in wet tantalum technology. Its unique design facilitates a doubling of capacitance when compared with conventional wet tantalum products. This capacitor has the high capacitance of a SuperTan and the high temperature qualifications of a 135D. The 134D is a sole source product to Vishay. The 134D is housed in an all tantalum, hermetically-sealed case and is manufactured to withstand high stress and hazardous environments.

Applications include oilfield exploration, aerospace and aircraft. This product is designed for application where shock and vibration are a problem.


• Wide capacitance range
• High temperature qualifications
• Operating Temperature: -55°C to +85°C (to +200°C with voltage derating)
• Capacitance Tolerance: At 120Hz, +25°C, ±20% standard, ±10%


• Oilfield Exploration
• Aerospace and Aircraft
• High Stress and Hazardous Environments