HVArc Guard Capacitors

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Industry’s first surface-mount X7R multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) designed to prevent surface arc-over. The devices provide maximum capacitance in high-voltage ratings and an increased capacitor voltage breakdown. HVArc Guard® MLCCs feature a unique, patented internal design structure that prevents surface arc-over at high voltages. This design allows for higher capacitances than standard high-voltage MLCCs, and facilitates the use of smaller case sizes in high-voltage products, allowing for device miniaturization and reducing component cost. Optimized for applications including buck and boost dc-to-dc converters, voltage multipliers for flyback converters, and lighting ballast circuits, the new devices will be used in lighting systems and power supplies for medical, computer, motor control, construction and mining, and telecommunications applications. HVArc Guard® capacitors feature capacitances ranging from 10 pF to 0.27 µF, and offer twice the standard voltage breakdown with voltage ratings from 250 VDC to 2500 VDC. The devices eliminate the need for conformal coating, and can replace wire-leaded through-hole capacitors. 


  • Offer capacitance ranges of 10 pF to 0.27 pF
  • Offered in 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812, 2220, and 2225 case sizes
  • Available with C0G and X7R dielectrics
  • Eliminate the need to encapsulate capacitors with a conformal coating


  • Power Supplies
  • DC-to-DC converters (Buck and Boost)
  • Voltage Multipliers for flyback converters
  • Lighting Ballast circuits
  • Lighting systems