Commercial Power Through-Hole Wirewound Resistors


TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Wirewound Through Hole Resistors.


 cw.jpgCW Series - Wirewound Resistor, Commercial Power, Axial Lead
Vishay Dale CW wirewound resistors offers high performance for low cost. A silicone coating protects against high temperatures. These resistors feature a complete welded construction and excellent stability in operation. Lead (Pb)-free version is RoHS compliant. (View Datasheet)

ca.jpgCA Series - Wirewound Resistor, Commercial Power, Axial Lead
Vishay Dale CA wirewound resistors offer high performance for low cost. These resistors are auto insertable. Models CA0001, CA0002 and CA5000 are supplied with a high temperature silicone coating for additional environmental protection. Lead forming is also available. (View Datasheet)

vishay-cms.jpgCapacitor Mount (CMS, CMV) – Wirewound Resistors, Commercial Power

Vishay Huntington CMS and CMV capacitor mount resistors feature enamel or silicone coating with power ratings between 16 Watt and 22 Watt. CMS and CMV resistors are compatible with three standard capacitor sizes allowing the resistor to mount directly to the terminal studs of the capacitor. These resistors are available in standard or non-inductive options with resistances between 1 Ω to 105 kΩ. (CMS Datasheet) (CMV Datasheet)

cp.jpgCP Series - Wirewound/Metal Oxide Resistor, Commercial Power, Axial Lead
The Vishay Dale CP high-volume wirewound/metal oxide resistors offer a high power-to-size ratio with a power rating range of 2 W to 20 W and length-by-width dimensions ranging from 18 mm by 7 mm to 60 mm by 14 mm with heights from 7 mm to 13.5 mm. Depending on resistance value, the new CP resistors are available with a wirewound element on woven fiberglass core or with a metal oxide element on ceramic core. (View Datasheet)

CPCp.jpgCPCP Series - Wirewound Resistor, Commercial Power, Vertical Mount
Vishay CPCP series offer space saving by directly mounting on printed circuit boards. A special inorganic potting compound and ceramic case provide high thermal conductivity in a fireproof package. These wirewound resistors meet or exceed requirements of EIA-Standard RS-344. (View Datasheet)

CPCC.jpgCPCC/CPCF Series - Wirewound Resistor, Commercial Power, Vertical Mount
Vishay Dale CPCC and CPCF high-volume resistors are space-saving solutions that mount vertically on the printed circuit board. Combining power ratings from 3 W to 10 W and length-by-width dimensions from 12 mm by 8 mm to 16 mm by 12 mm - with heights from 25 mm up to 35 mm, respectively - these resistors also deliver a high power-to-size ratio. Resistance values range from 0.1 Ω to 50 kΩ. (View Datasheet)