Infrared Emitters

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Vishay offers emitters in more wavelengths than any other supplier: 830 nm, 850 nm, 870 nm, 890 nm, 940 nm, and 950 nm. Providing fast rise and fall response times, Vishay also has the broadest selection of double hetero infrared emitters. They are the highest-power infrared emitters with the lowest forward voltages on the market and ideal for high-current applications. The latest surface emitter technology based devices, which provide highest radiant intensities, round up our extensive IR emitter portfolio.


Features & Benefits:

  • Peak wavelength: λp = 940 nm
  • High speed
  • High radiant power
  • High radiant intensity
  • Angle of half intensity: ϕ =±22°
  • Low forward voltage
  • Suitable for high pulse current operation
  • Good spectral matching to Si photodetectors



  • Light barrier or interrupter applications
  • Reflective presence sensor applications
  • Infrared remote control units
  • Free air transmission systems
  • Infrared source for optical counters and card readers
  • Data and audio transmission
  • In-car entertainment systems