Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors

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The VCNL4010, VCNL4020, and VCNL4020X01 are fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensors. Fully integrated means they contain the infrared emitter and photo detector for proximity, an ambient light sensor, a signal processing IC, and I2C communication interface. VCNL4020X01 is qualified for automotive applications. It has a maximum operating temperature of 105 ˚C. The VCNL3020 supports only proximity sensing; it does not contain an ambient light sensor. With full 16-bit resolution for both the proximity and ambient features, user-defined interrupt levels, and multiple packaging options, the VCNL portfolio will fulfill your requirements.  


  • Proximity function
    • 16-bit resolution
    • Excellent crosstalk immunity
    • Programmable LED drive current from 10 mA to 200 mA in 10 mA steps
    • Programmable measurement rate from 1 Hz to 250 Hz
    • Proximity distance up to 20 cm (8 in.)
    • Includes driver for an external emitter for increased range
  • Ambient light function
    • Built-in ambient light PIN photodiode with close to human eye sensitivity characteristic
    • 16-bit dynamic range for ambient light detection from 0.25 lux to 16 klux
    • 100 Hz and 120 Hz flicker noise rejection


  • Proximity guide for pick and place equipment
  • Monitor sleep / wake function for displays on ATMs and Vending machines
  • Touchless light switch
  • Refrigerator water / ice dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Soap dispenser
  • Automatic toilet flushing
  • Automatic water faucet
  • Industrial door or latch switch
  • Smart phone display control
  • Digital camera display control