Though-Hole Wirewound Resistors


TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Wirewound Through Hole Resistors.

vishay_AC03.jpgAC Series - Axial Cemented Wirewound Safety Resistor
Vishay hasintroduced special version of AC03 wirewound resistors to be used as fusible safety resistor (or, AC mains input resistors). Ituses specially selected resistive winding wire and special coating material to ensure safe and silent fusing operation in overload conditions. (More Info)

Vishay RS/NS Wirewound ResistorRS/NS Series - Wirewound Precision Power Resistor, Military, MIL-PRF-26, Type RW
Vishay Dale RN/RS wirewound resistors feature a Silicon coating for high temperatures (> 350 °C). These resistors meet applicable requirements of MIL-PRF-26. The RN/RS series is available in non-inductive styles (type NS) with Ayrton-Perry winding for lowest reactive components. They feature excellent stabilityin operation and the Lead (Pb)-Free version is RoHS Compliant. (View Datasheet)

Vishay LVR Wirewound ResistorLVR Series - Wirewound Precision Power Resistor, Military, MIL-PRF-49465
Vishay Dale LVR wirewound resistors are ideal for all types of current sensing applications including switching and linear power supplies, instrumentsand power amplifiers. Proprietary processing technique producesextremely low resistance values. These wirewound resistors feature an excellent load life stability along with a low temperature coefficient and low inductance. (View Datasheet)

Vishay RW Wirewound ResistorRW Series - Vitreous Wirewound Resistor
Vishay Draloric RW Vitreous wirewound resistors feature an all welded construction, ceramic core, and a complete vitreous coating forperfect humidity protection. Models acc.MIL-R-26 available. Adjustable and non inductive design are alos available. (View Datasheet)

Vishay GN Wirewound ResistorGN Series - Wirewound Resistor, Military, MIL-PRF-26 Qualified, Type RW
Vishay Dale GN wirewound resistors offer from 1.4 to 4 times higher power ratings than conventional resistors of equivalentsize. The GN series feature a high temperature coating (> 350 °C) and a complete welded construction. They are available in non-inductive styles (type GN) with Ayrton-Perry winding for lowest reactive components. (More Info)

Vishay RH/NH Wirewound ResistorRH/NH Type RE (mil) - Wirewound Resistor, Military MIL-PRF-18546 Qualified
Vishay Dale RN/NH wirewound resistors have a moldedconstruction that helps protect against the environment. These resistors are available in non-inductive styles (type NH) with Ayrton-Perry winding for lowest reactive components. The RH/NH resistors can be mounted on chassis in order to utilize heat-sink effect. Meets applicable requirements of MIL-PRF-18546. (View Datasheet)

Vishay HL/NHL Wirewound ResistorTubular (HL), Non-Inductive Tubular (NHL)- Wirewound Resistors, Industrial Power
Vishay Dale HL and NHL wirewound resistors feature a high temperature silicon coating, and a complete welded construction. They are available in non-inductive styles (model NHL) with Ayrton-Perry winding. These resistors offer tight tolerance of 5 % for values above 1 Ω and excellent stability in operations (< 3 % change in resistance).(ViewDatasheet)

Z300-C Series - High Voltage Surge Axial Cemented
Vishay introduces a new series of axial cemented wirewound resistors that are the industry’s first to offer a customized high voltage surge withstanding capability up to 12 kV. (View Datasheet)

high_power_grid_resistor.pngHigh Power, High Current Grid Resistors (GRE1)
Vishay Milwaukee GRE1 grid resistors are available in indoor or outdoor enclosures (IP00, IP20 or IP23). These robust grid resistors can be pre-wired and assembled in power ratings between 1 kWatt to 100 kWatt. (View Datasheet)