Analog Multiplexers and Switches

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Vishay recently released eight new high-frequency, low charge injection analog multiplexers and switches for precision instrumentation applications. They are the first devices of their kind to be offered in the leadless 1.8-mm by 2.6-mm miniQFN package, in addition to the standard TSSOP and SOIC packages. The four new analog multiplexers and four new analog switches combine an ultra-low charge injection from 0.5 pC to 1.0 pC, low switch capacitance of 2 pF and 3 pF, leakage currents from 0.25 nA to 5 nA, and typical on-resistance from 66 Ω to 72 Ω. Their specifications make them ideal for high-frequency analog switching, high-speed multiplexing, audio and video routing, filtering, gain and frequency selection, level shifting, and calibration. The new multiplexer offering includes the 4-channel DG604, the dual 4-channel DG4052A, the 8-channel DG4051A, and the triple 2-channel DG4053A. The new analog switches are the quad SPST DG611A, DG612A, and DG613A, which offer improved charge injection, on-resistance, and standby current compared to the industry-standard DG611, while eliminating the need for a VL pin. The new DG636 can be used as a dual SPDT analog switch or dual 2:1 multiplexer.


  • +2.7V to + 12V single supply operation ± 2.5V to ±5V dual supply operation
  • Fully specified at +3V, +5V, ±5V
  • 100Ω maximum on-resistance
  • Low voltage, 2.5V CMOS/TTL compatibleLow charge injection (< 0.5 pC typ.)
  • High bandwidth: 330MHz to 700MHz
  • Low switch capacitance (Cs(off) 3pF typ.)
  • Excellent isolation and crosstalk performance (typ. 47dB at 100MHz)
  • 16 pin SOIC, TSSOP and miniQFN package (1.8 x 2.6mm)
  • Fully specified from - 40°C to + 85°C and - 40°C to + 125°C
  • Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC  

Analog Switches

  • Low charge injection
  • Leakage current < 0.25 and < 0.5nA max. at 85°C
  • Low switch capacitance (Csoff, 2pF typ.)Low RDS(on) - 115Ω max
  • Fully specified with single supply operation at 3.0V, 5.0V and dual supplies at ±5.0V
  • Low voltage, 2.5V CMOS/TTL compatible • 600 or 720MHz, - 3dB bandwidth
  • Excellent isolation and crosstalk performance (62db or typ. > - 60dB at 10MHz)
  • Fully specified from - 40°C to 85°C and - 40°C to + 125°C
  • 14 pin TSSOP and 16 pin miniQFN package (1.8mm x 2.6mm)


  • Precision instrumentation
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Telecom and datacom equipment
  • Automated test equipment
  • High-speed communication systems