VJ X8R High Temperature Ceramic Capacitors

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Vishay's VJ X8R Ceramic Capacitors feature a robust 150°C maximum operating temperature that makes them a reliable choice for extreme environments - from "under the hood" in automobiles to "down hole" in oil drilling. Space savings with the X8R ceramic capacitors will be significant as well, since their high-temperature capability allows them to be placed closer to high-temperature locations, such as engine-mounted controller circuitry. Closer proximity to signal sources in turn enables more efficient sensing. The X8R MLCCs allow more efficient use of space and more accurate sensing while widening the temperature restriction "envelope" to the greatest extent yet for this device type. Standard capacitance ratings for the new X8R ceramic capacitors range from 470 pF to 2.2 mF, with ±5%, ±10%, and ±20% capacitance tolerances. Temperature coefficient of capacitance for the series is a remarkable ±15% from -55°C to +150°C. The X8R ceramic capacitors are available with dc voltage ratings of either 25 V and 50 V, with respective dissipation factors of 3.5% and 2.5% at 1.0 Vrms and 1 kHz.


  • High operating temperature dielectric, up to + 150 °C
  • Maintain capacity at high temperature for frequency stability


  • Deephole drilling electronics
  • Ideal for extreme environments such as “under the hood” applications in automotive