OS-CON 94SVP Polymer Capacitor

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Vishay OS-CON capacitors are electrolytic capacitors. Up to now, an electrolytic solution and manganese dioxide have been used as the electrolyte in electrolytic capacitors. In development of a new highly efficient electrolytic capacitor which has a high conductivity (organic semi-conductor) when compared to earlier electrolytes, we have successfully worked out the Vishay OS-CON electrolytic capacitors with low impedance, using an organic semiconductor for the electrolyte.

Applications Notes

The Vishay OS-CON capacitor is a uniquely structured solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Please note the following points in order to take full advantage of the capacitors performance and ensure the most stable quality possible.

Polarity: Vishay OS-CON capacitors are solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors with positive and negative electrodes. Do not reverse the polarity when using. If it is used with the polarities reversed, increased leakage current or a decreased life span may result.

Prohibited Circuits: Since problems can be expected due to the leakage current fluctuations that occur during soldering and other processes, the capacitors cannot be used on the following circuits.  


Features & Benefits

  • New Vishay OS-CON series as results of polymerized organic semiconductor as electrolyte
  • Features superior heat-proof characteristics compared with previously developed Vishay OS-CON series
  • Particularly effective when used as surface mounting devices of the switching power supply
  • Rated ripple current values are guaranteed at 105 °C
  • No need to consider derating on maximum allowable ripple