TH3 High Temperature Tantalum Chip Capacitor

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Vishay's TH3 Series is a high temperature version of Vishay's molded, solid tantalum capacitors, targeted for applications that require operating temperatures of up to + 150 °C. The TH3 tantalum capacitor is available in five standard EIA case sizes and offers 100 % matte tin, standard as well as Gold and Sn/Pb lead terminations. Capacitance for the TH3 series ranges from 0.33 μF to 100 μF with voltages ranging from 10 WVDC to 50 WVDC. Tape and reel packaging is per EIA 481-1.


  • Provide high reliability with high-temperature capabilities of 150 °C with 50 % voltage derating
  • Higher temperature capabilities than the industry-standard 125 °C provide designers with a less expensive option for high-temperature applications
  • Molded case available in five case codes
  • RoHS-compliant tin or gold terminations are standard, and SnPb terminations are available
  • Compatible with high-volume automatic pick-and-place equipment  


  • High-temperature automotive uses, including under-hood and on-engine applications such as engine control, fuel injection systems, steer-by-wire, diesel ignition control, and transmission control
  • Sensor applications such as tire pressure monitoring and temperature control
  • Industrial applications related to the control of high-temperature materials
  • Oil exploration sensing systems