Vishay Circuit Protection Resistors


TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Circuit Protection Resistors.

Vishay CMF Circuit Film ResistorCMF Series - Metal Film Resistor, Industrial
Vishay Dale CMF Series feature a flame retardant epoxy coating and controlled temperature coefficient in a small size. Vishay CMF film resistors offer excellent high frequency characteristics, low noise, and low voltage coefficient. These resistors have exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 µV/V and a low voltage coefficient to ± 5ppm/Volt. (View Datasheet)

Vishay CP Series Wirewound ResitorCP Series - Wirewound/Metal Oxide Resistor, Commercial Power, Axial Lead
Vishay Dale CP series offer high power to size ratio, and high performance for low cost. These resistors meet or exceed requirements of EIA Standard RS-344. Ceramic cases are available with circuit board stand-offs (designated with a -3 model ending). Special inorganic potting compound and ceramic case provide high thermal conductivity in a fireproof package. (View Datasheet)

Vishay Dale FP Metal Film ResistorFP Series - Metal Film Resistor, Industrial, Flameproof
Vishay Dale FP series of film resistors have the ability to withstand overloads up to 100 times rated power without any trace of flame. Vishay FP series are suited for circuitry where functions, environments and duty cycles demand power resistors. These film resistors feature exceptional frequency characteristics, and an electroplated tin-lead or lead (Pb)-free solder finish. (View Datasheet)

Vishay M25SI Rectangular Chip ResistorM25SI Model - Thin Film Rectangular Chip Resistor, Fusible
Vishay Draloric Model M25SI circuit film resistors contains a metal film on high quality ceramic, and a flame retardant protective top coat. These fusible resistors provide a constant voltage with a temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/K and a tolerance of ± 5%. (View Datasheet)

Vishay NFR25/25H Fusible ResistorNFR25/25H - Fusible, Non-Flammable Resistor
Vishay BCcomponents NFR25/25H fusible resistors offer overload protection without risk of fire. These resistors feature a wide range of overload currents and a pure tin plating that provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes. Vishay NFR25/25H resistors can be implemented in audio and video applications. (View Datasheet)

Vishay Z302 BV 20327 Axial Cemented ResistorsZ302 Series - Axial Cemented, Fusible, Wirewound Resistor
Vishay Draloric Z302 BV 20327 resistor fuses when overloaded at more than 100 times the rated power. In line-powered devices, these fusible resistors can be used to act as a fuse when malfunction occurs and line voltage drops across the resistor. The Z302 series can operate as both a normal resistor and as a fuse. (View Datasheet)