Vishay Circuit Protection NTC Thermistors


TTI offers the following Product Families that relate to NTC Circuit Protection Thermistors.

Vishay 2381-615 Surface Mount NTC Thermistor2381-615 Series - Surface Mount, NTC Thermistor
Vishay BCcomponents 2381-615 series of thermistors feature a full glass coating with NiSn terminations, and is suitable for wave or reflow soldering. These NTC thermistors have applications in temperature compensation, sensing and protection in: battery chargers, consumer equipment, and office equipment. (View NTC Thermistors)

Vishay 2381-633 High Temperature NTC ThermistorNTCLG100 Series - NTC Thermistors, High Temperature Sensors
Vishay BCcomponents NTCLG100 Series thermistors feature a small diameter down to 1.7 mm, a quick response time down to 0.9 s, and a wide temperature range from - 40 to + 200 °C. The NTCLG100 Series thermistors are resistant to corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments. These thermistors are used in high temperature measurement control for domestic appliances, automotive systems, and industrial process controls. (View Datasheet)

Vishay 2381-640 Special Accuracy NTC ThermistorNTCLE101E3...SB0 - NTC Thermistors, Special Accuracy
Vishay BCcomponents NTCLE101E3...SB0 series of NTC thermistors have a negative temperature coefficient. The device consists of a chip with two tin-plated copper leads. It is gray lacquered and not insulated. These thermistors are very accurate (± 0.5 °C) over a trajectory from 25 °C to 85 °C.
(View Datasheet)

Vishay 2381-641 Special Long Leaded NTC ThermistorNTCLE400, NTCLS100, NTCLP100 Series - NTC Thermistors, Special Long Lead Sensors
Vishay BCcomponents 2381-641 NTC thermistors feature high stability and excellent price/performance ratio. Vishay 2381-641 series is accurate over wide temperature range, and offers high adhesive strength between PVC wire and the encapsulating laquer. (View Datasheet)

Vishay NTHS Surface Mount NTC ThermistorNTHS - NTC Thermistors, Surface Mount Chip
Vishay NTHS series of thermistors feature solderable and wraparound terminations, in a high-density monolithic construction. These devices allow design flexibility for use with hybrid circuitry. (View Datasheet)

Vishay M, C, T Coated NTC Thermistor M,C,T - NTC Thermistors, Coated
Vishay Dale models M,C,T thermistors are conformally coated, leaded for standard PC board mounting or assembly in probes. The coating is baked-on phenolic for durability and long-term stability. Models M and C have tinned solid copper leads. Model T has solid nickel wires with Teflon® insulation to provide isolation when assembled in metal probes or housings. (View Datasheet)

Vishay W Series NTC ThermistorW Series - NTC Thermistors, Surface Mount Chip
Vishay Dale W series is a thermistor die with silver conductors fired on the top and bottom surfaces. The bottom surface can be reflow soldered or conductive epoxied directly to a substrate bonding pad and the top surface wire bonded to complete the circuit connection. (View Datasheet)