FlipKY® Industry-First Chip Scale Schottky Diodes

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Vishay's four new Gen 5.0 high performance 45-V and 100-V Schottky diodes are the industry's first such devices to extend the D-PAK current capability up to 20A. The devices are suitable as stand-alone packages for high-efficiency, high-density solutions, as well as offering a cost effective and compact replacement for the D2PAK package. Built on submicron trench technology, the 6CWT04FN, 10WT10FN, 20CWT10FN and 20WT04FN offer a maximum junction temperature of +175°C, extremely low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage, allowing designers to increase power density in automotive, solar energy, and other high-temperature applications. Their high and stable breakdown voltage accommodates voltage spikes and optimizes power density, which is increased in the diodes by 25%. The devices feature 30% increased ruggedness for reverse avalanche capability, with parts 100% screened in avalanche, and negligible switching losses. All four devices are also available in I-PAK versions.


  • FlipKY wafer-level, chip scale format minimizes board space and reduces thermal resistance and inductance
  • Virtual elimination of all package parasitics for improved overall circuit efficiency
  • Fully compatible with other surface-mount devices
  • Footprint of 0.5-A and 0.75-A diodes is one-tenth the size of the SMA footprint
  • Footprint of 1.0-A and 1.5-A diodes is one-fifth the size of the SMA footprint
  • Ultra-low forward voltage per footprint area
  • Choose either low forward voltage to optimize conduction losses or low reverse leakage to optimize reverse power losses
  • Industry’s smallest footprints of 0.9 mm by 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm by 1.5 mm
  • Ultra-low profile: 0.6 mm for 1-A and 1.5-A devices, 0.5 mm for 0.5-A and 0.75-A devices
  • Improved working temperature, with full operation at 150 °C
  • Supplied in tape and reel format and can be mounted using standard SMD techniques
  • Available with lead (Pb)-free or eutectic solder bumps


  • Bluetooth accessories
  • PDAs
  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • Personal video players
  • Mobile phones
  • GSM boards, GPS systems
  • Other portable electronic systems