Vishay Dale Wirewound Inductors - IMC Series

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IMC-0402-01 and IMC-0603-01 Series:
Vishay IMC-0402-01 / IMC-0603-01 Inductors Intended for end systems including cellular phones, cable modems, ADSL, repeaters, Bluetooth devices, and other electronic devices, the new IMC-0402-01, IMC-0402-01 and IMC-0603-01 respectively feature dimensions of 0.039 in. by 0.022 in. [1.00 mm by 0.55 mm] with a 0.020 in. [0.5 mm] height profile and 0.063 in. by 0.041 in. [1.60 mm by 1.05 mm] with a height profile of 0.041 in. [1.05 mm].

The new wirewound inductors feature advances such as higher self-resonant frequencies (SRF), better Q factors, and more stable performance. The IMC-0402-01 offers SRF values ranging from 2100 MHz to 6000 MHz over an inductance range of 1.0 nH to 47.0 nH and improved minimum Q factor values from 26 to 13. For the IMC-0603-01 , SRF values range from 1000 MHz to 6900 MHz over a broad inductance range of 2.0 nH to 270 nH, and minimum Q factor values range from 43 to 16.

Rated DC current ranges from 150 mA to 1360 mA for the IMC-0402-01 and 170 mA to 700 mA for IMC-0603-01. Tolerances as low as ±2% are available for devices with inductance ratings of 10 nH and up.

IMC-2220 Series:
Vishay IMC-2220 Inductor Measuring 0.221 in. by 0.197 in. [5.6 mm by 5.0 mm] with a 0.197-in. [5.0-mm] height height profile, inductors in the Vishay Dale IMC-2220 series serve as a drop-in replacements for industry-standard 2220 (or metric 5650) devices.

Forty-nine inductance values ranging from 1.0 µH up to 10000 µH are available with tolerances of ±10% and ±5%. Intended for medium- to low-frequency resonant circuits, the new devices are rated for currents from 25 mA to 1.8 A.

The series is rated for an operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C and a storage temperature of -40°C to +100°C. The IMC-2220 devices' molded construction provides superior strength and moisture resistance and features environmentally friendly terminations that are 100% lead (Pb)-free and compatible with both vapor-phase infrared and wave soldering methods. The new inductors are available in tape-and-reel packaging (400 pieces per reel) for automatic handling.