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Offering designers a choice of Kool-Mu®, powdered iron, or MPP cores, the Vishay Dale LPT-3535 series minimizes EMI radiation in dc-to-dc converter, common mode choke, and isolation transformer circuits in a broad range of electronic systems. Typical applications for the new components will include stand-alone power supplies, automotive, military and aerospace applications, consumer electronics, and test and measurement devices.

With a diameter of 8.93 mm (0.35 inches) and a height profile of 6.35 mm (0.235 inches), the new inductors/transformers offer designers a choice of 14 inductance values from 1 microhenry to 330 microhenrys. DC resistance is as low as 4 milliohms for a 1-microhenry component with a powdered iron core, with maximum current values as high as 6.45 A. Inductance tolerance is specified at ±15% for all devices.

"These new inductors/transformers are an excellent choice for high-efficiency dc-to-dc converters in portable products where their compact, toroidal design will save space without compromising EMI/EMF performance," said Michael Husman, Director, Product Marketing.

Two separate windings on each component allow connections to be made in series or in parallel. Half and quarter-height devices, in addition to custom versions, are available on request from Vishay.

A high-temperature shell design makes the new LPT-3535 series ideal for infrared (IR) reflow applications, while pick-and-place-compatible tape-and-reel packaging makes the new components easy to use with high-speed assembly equipment


  • Toroidal design for minimal EMI radiation in DC to DC converter applications
  • Designed to support the growing need for efficient DC to DC converters in battery operated equipment
  • Two separate windings provide versatility by ability to connect windings in series or parallel
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 40 °C to + 125 °C
  • Supplied on tape and reel and is designed to be pick and place compatible
  • Custom versions and turns ratios available. Contact the factory with your specifications