Vishay Through Hole Transformer Inductor


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Vishay Dale TC-10 Transformer, Converter TC-10 Series - Transformers, Converter
Vishay Dale TC-10 transformers are designed especially for low-power solid state circuits and for mounting on printed circuit boards. The TC-10 transformer offers a high conversion efficiency from DC input to filtered DC output, a power rating of 3 W, and an operating temperature range from - 20 °C to + 80 °C. Buy Now

Vishay Dale TA Transformer TA Series - Transformers Audio, Telephone Coupling
Vishay Dale TA series of transformers are designed and built to meet telephone company requirements for data and voice access on leased private telephone lines or through dial-up switched telephone networks. Vishay TA transformers feature a polyester varnish coating, and have a power level of - 45 dBm to + 7 dBm (except TA-40-01). ( View Datasheet)