Vishay Resistor Networks & Arrays


TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Surface Mount Resistor Networks & Arrays.


Vishay SOT-23 Resistor NetworkMPM - Molded, SOT-23 Resistor Network
Vishay Thin Film MPM Series Dividers provide ± 2 ppm/°C tracking and a ratio tolerance as tight as 0.01 %, small size, and exceptional stability for all surface mount applications. The standard SOT-23 package format with unity and common standard resistance divider ratios provide easy selection for most applications requiring matched pair resistor elements. The ratios listed are available for off the shelf delivery. (View Datasheet)

Vishay ORN Dual-In-Line Resistor NetworkORN Series - Molded, 50 Mil Pitch, Dual-In-Line Resistor Network
Vishay Thin Film ORN series resistor networks feature four isolated resistors with standard 50 mil pitch lead spacing. The networks feature close TCR tracking and tight ratio tolerance and are ideally suited for unity gain operational amplifier circuitry. The standard resistance offering listed are available for immediate delivery. (View Datasheet)

Vishay TOMC Resistor Networks TOMC Series - Molded, 50 Mil Pitch Resistor Networks
Vishay Thin Film TOMC series offers standard circuits in 16 pin in a medium body molded surface mount package. TOMC networks are available over a resistance range of 100 Ω to 100 kΩ. The TOMC resistor network features tight ratio tolerances and close TCR tracking. These devices offer a low temperature coefficient of ± 25 ppm/°C (- 55 °C to + 125 °C), and a resistance range of 100 Ω to 100 kΩ. (View Datasheet)

Vishay VSSR/VSOR/VTSR Dual-In-Line Resistor NetworksVSSR/VSOR/VTSR Models - Molded, 25 or 50 Mil Pitch, Dual-In-Line Resistor Networks
Vishay Thin Film VSSR/VSOR/VTSR resistor networks are designed to be used in either analog or digital circuits. The use of thin film resistive elements within the network allows you to achieve an infinite number of very low noise and high stability circuits for industrial, medical and scientific instrumentation. (View Datasheet)

Vishay ACAS 0612 Flat Chip Resistor ArrayACAS 0612 - Precision Flat Chip Resistor Array
Vishay Beyschlag ACAS 0612 flat chip resistor arrays integrate four thin film resistors into a single 0612 surface-mount package. The Vishay Beyschlag ACAS 0612 series resistor arrays are ideal for applications that demand high component densities and accurate and stable resistor performance.
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Vishay SOMC Thick Film Resistor Networks SOMC Series - Dual-in-Line Resistor Networks
Vishay Dale SOMC series offers thick film resistive elements, a low/high temperature performance (– 55 °C to + 125 °C), and is available in 14, 16, or 20 terminal package. The SOMC series is compatible with automatic surface mounting equipment. Isolated, bussed or TTL-terminator circuits are available. (View Datasheet)

Vishay SOGC Thick Film Resistor Networks SOGC Series - Dual-In-Line Resistor Networks, Small Outline Molded Dip
Vishay Dale SOGC series features a rugged, molded case construction, a lead spacing of 0.050" [1.27 mm], and a maximum seated height of 0.110" [2.79 mm]. The SOGC resistor network is compatible with automatic surface mounting equipment. Available in tube pack or tape and reel pack. Isolated, Bussed, Signal or TTL-terminator circuits are available. (View Datasheet)

Vishay CRA Thick Film Array, Resistor/Capacitor CRA06S Series - Thick Film Resistor Arrays
Vishay CRA resistor array series is constructed on a high grade ceramic body with convex/concave terminations. Small size enables the design of high density circuits, reduces board space, component counts, and assembly costs. A pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes. (View Datasheet)