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Vishay CRCA Resistor Cap is specifically designed to save space on board designs by combining multiple components into one. The Vishay CRCA resistor cap is available in two different dielectrics, X7R and Y5U, while still maintaining a standard case size. Vishay offers to pin configurations for the CRCA resistor cap, 8 or 10 pins. The typical applications for the CRCA resistor cap are most computer boards and high-speed processing applications. Additional information on the Vishay CRCA resistor cap is available by clicking “Buy Now”.


  • Single component reduces board space and component counts
  • Choice of dielectric characteristics X7R or Y5U
  • Wrap around termination
  • Thick film R/C element
  • Inner electrode protection
  • Flow & Reflow solderable
  • Automatic placement capability, standard size
  • 8 or 10 pin configurations


  • Computer boards
  • High-speed processing applications